Student Success Initiatives
Housed within the Division of Undergraduate Education, Student Success Initiatives (SSI) aim to provide students the personal, academic, and professional support and development to thrive and succeed at UCI and beyond. SSI is a learning community that empowers students to be productive and engaged in their academic careers and personal endeavors.

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Janet Perez-Molina
Student Success Initiatives
2200 Student Services II
Phone: (949) 824-1142

Office of Campus Social Work

The Office of Campus Social Work supports UCI students during situations and crises that may be impacting their personal and academic well-being through short-term resource referrals and long-term case management. Services are available to the entire UCI community at no cost.

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By appointment only. Referral by faculty or staff member required.

UCI Graduate Division

UCI’s Graduate Division offers academic, fellowship, research, social and logistic resources for graduate students and post-doctoral scholars.

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The UC Irvine Graduate Division recognizes that many of our graduate students have families or are considering becoming parents. We are committed to providing a supportive and family-friendly environment on campus so that students can meet both their academic and familial needs. Graduate students with families or graduate students looking to start a family can explore their resources here.

120 Aldrich Hall
Phone: (949) 824-4611

Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholar Resource Center

The GPSRC exists to enrich the experiences of our graduate and postdoc community by providing coordinated services, events, programs, information and support.

The GPSRC provides academic and professional support for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars by offering workshops, certificate programs and academic courses on the following subjects: professional development, writing support, communication, preparation of grant and fellowship funding applications, wellness, work-life balance and mentoring.

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3100 Gateway Study Center
Phone: (949) 824-3849

Graduate Division Counselor

Phong Luong, Psy.D. is here to support graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with their academic journey. This includes additional academic support, time management skills, effective communication skills, and referrals to campus or community resources

120 Aldrich Hall
Phone: (949) 824-0246


Campus Assault Resources and Education
CARE offers free and confidential support services to members of the UCI community impacted by sexual assault, relationship abuse, family violence and/or stalking. This includes consultations, advocacy and referrals to community agencies, individual and group counseling, trainings and workshops and campus-wide prevention programming. CARE also provides resources and information on developing and maintaining healthy relationships, sexual assault, personal safety and gender issues.

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G320 Student Center
Phone: 949‑824‑7273


Cross-Cultural Center
UCI’s CCC offers a friendly atmosphere, supportive environment and opportunities for students to be involved in campus activities and programs to celebrate the cultural diversity of the university's student body. The CCC provides meeting spaces and is “home” to 40+ affiliated student organizations. At its core, the CCC endeavors to promote the education and celebration of a "multicultural sensibility" as we evolve within a global world.

CCC student umbrella organizations include the Black Student Union (BSU), Alyansa ng mga Kababayan, American Indian Student Association (AISA), Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA) and Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan (MEChA).

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Located on Ring Road directly across from Starbucks and Aldrich Hall
Phone: (949) 824-7215


Student Outreach and Retention Center
The mission of the SOAR Center at UC Irvine is to cultivate a community of authentic student leaders that aspire to develop innovative student-initiated outreach and retention programs that foster critical dialogue, mentorship and shift the educational paradigm to improve college access, readiness, and retention rates for historically marginalized communities in higher education.

SOAR is a dynamic space that empowers student scholars through praxis to advocate and develop a transformative and equitable educational environment where students can use their education as a vehicle for social impact.

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106 Gateway Study Center
Phone: (949) 824-5762

Womxn's Hub

The  Womxn’s Hub at UC Irvine  aims to advance equality and access to resources for members of the UCI community across lines of ethnicity, gender identity, religion, orientation, and social class. We want to accomplish this by promoting community consciousness, social justice initiatives, and individual growth.

The center focuses on womxn-specific needs and ideas through workshops, trainings, and space interaction in ways that promote personal empowerment. The space is open and affirming to all who believe in the strength of womxn, womxn-identified persons, and all allies.

Learn more about the Womxn’s Hub at UC Irvine here.

Cross-Cultural Center, Main floor (next to CCC Board Room)
Phone: (949) 824-6000

DREAM Center

The UCI DREAM Center stands with and serves those impacted by immigration policy through advancing systemic change, deconstructing oppressive policies, and fostering community. We work towards personal growth, collective healing, and visible change.

Learn more about the UCI Dream Center here.

Located at the Anteater Community Resource Center (ACRC) at the end of Lot 5 next to Mesa Court
Phone: (949) 824-6390


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center
The LGBTRC offers support, education and advocacy from an intersectional perspective regarding sexual orientation/attraction and gender identity. The LGBTRC is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for UCI’s diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and ally communities. See the “Resources” drop-down menu on the website for resources including support groups, and local, national, health, and spiritual organization information.

Visit the LGBTRC website here.

G301 Student Center
Phone: (949) 824-3277


Anteater Recreation Center
The ARC serves as an integral part of university life by offering diverse sports, recreational and fitness activities that are fun, vigorous, healthy and conducive to personal wellness. The ARC supports UCI’s academic mission by creating a climate that motivates individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle, build social communities and develop leadership opportunities that contribute to anteater pride.

Learn more about the ARC here.

680 California Ave
Irvine, CA 92697
Phone: (949) 824-5346

UCI Be Well

As part of UC Irvine’s commitment to helping all members of our community prioritize mental health and personal wellness, UCI Be Well offers a tool for searching UCI wellness programs and initiatives for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff in areas of emotional, physical, academic, social, cultural, career, financial, sexual, environmental, and spiritual wellness.

From workshops and programs to counseling and basic needs support, UCI Be Well combines a vast array of available campus resources here.