Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for UROP funding if I'm joining a faculty lab?

Students conducting many types of research, including laboratory work, can apply for recognition and funding during the academic year and summer. 

Can I present more than one research project or creative activity at the Symposium?

Students may present only one individual project (either an oral or poster presentation) and also participate in a group presentation each year. 

Who can participate in the UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium? And who can attend?

Any UCI undergraduate conducting a faculty-mentored research project or creative activity can submit a Symposium Registration to Present form (to include an abstract) during the open call to present at the Symposium.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Can I apply to the Call for Fall, Spring and Summer Proposals in the same year?

Yes.  You can submit Fall, Spring and SURP proposals for different projects or the same project, although you are limited to one individual project within the same call (can also participate in group funded projects/proposals). Funded awards for Fall or Spring proposals are intended for the use of project supplies and expenses.  SURP stipends are in support of your time and effort. 

Can interntional students submit research proposals for funding?

Yes. You can apply as long as you are a UCI undergraduate in good academic standing.

How can I sign up to do UROP research?

UROP does not offer research projects to “sign up” for.  Our role is to advise you on how you can work on UCI faculty-mentored research projects.  UROP Advisors will coach you on how to discover your research interests, seek out the guidance of a faculty mentor, and apply for funding to help you reach your goals.

How should I find a potential faculty mentor?
  • Start with faculty you know – go to office hours to learn more about their research
  • Review faculty profiles on the UCI Faculty Profile System
  • Review faculty’s articles on Google Scholar to learn more about their research
  • Check faculty’s personal and lab websites
  • Use the Sample Faculty Email to contact them
How should I learn about how to get involved in research?

The first step is to attend a Workshop or watch the workshop recording to learn about your options.  Visit our main web page’s “Getting Started” section (scroll toward the bottom).  Follow the steps and use the recommended tools.  If after you do so and still need help, you can schedule an appointment with a UROP Advisor.

How much of a time commitment is required, and can I get academic credit?

Generally, 10-15 hours per week during the academic year. Most faculty mentors would like a commitment of one year.  Summer commitments vary and typically range from 15-30 hours per week (average 20 hours per week). Many students take 199 or other Independent Study courses and get academic credit (from 1-4 units).  However, it can vary; you will need to discuss receiving academic credit with your faculty mentor. 

What kind of research can I engage in? Do I have to be a certain major?

Students from ALL majors are highly encouraged to get involved in research! The most common types of research UCI students engage in include:

  • Individual & Group Projects
  • Laboratory, Design, or Artistic Projects
  • Senior Theses/Literature Review
  • Scholarly Work in Humanities/Social Sciences
  • Surveys/Interviews/Psychology Experiments/Observational Studies