Welcome, Anteaters and Little Anteaters!

This webpage is dedicated to providing resources and information to all Anteaters who are pregnant & parenting students, guardians, and caregivers at UCI! 

Learn about California benefits and services for students with dependents.

Priority Registration

In accordance with AB 2881, all students who care for dependents under the age of 18 qualify for priority registration. To apply for priority registration, please click on the following HERE.

Basic Needs Center

Find resources and information on the fresh pantry, emergency meal swipes, diaper bank, CalFresh and California WIC program.

Child Care

Child care options and resources on and off campus.

Student Parents and Families Program

Learn more about the Student Parent and Families Program.

Pregnant Scholar

Access important resources and information for expecting student parents.

On-Campus Resources


Explore on-campus resources to meet the needs of student parents and families.

Off-Campus Resources

Explore off-campus resources for supporting student parents and families.

Housing Options

Explore on-campus and off-campus housing options.